"If there is one word to describe Kharis Photography, I would use the word trust. My wife and I simply trusted Rachel to capture our wedding day from beginning to end. Rachel is a close friend of ours and after seeing much of her previous work, the decision to choose her was easy. Our wedding was unlike any other wedding. My wife and I come from two different cultures and we really appreciated that Kharis photography was able to capture and honor our story as well as our diverse backgrounds. Every photo she takes speaks volumes. That is something we truly enjoyed with Rachel. It is one thing for a photographer to simply take pictures of you but it is definitely another when they are able to connect with your story from beginning to end. Rachel's professionalism, charisma, and personable demeanor made us as well as our guests comfortable and assured that every moment captured would be great! We are forever grateful that she made our day memorable."

Put on your white dress baby, it’s a good day for marrying you.

Things you should know about me photographing your wedding:

  • We’ll have fun. There will be lots of laughing.
  • My clients are more than clients, they’re friends. You become part of the Kharis Photography family and I *hopefully* become part of yours. (Please feel free to invite me over for family dinners. ;))
  • When you cry, I cry. And even if you don’t cry, I’ll probably still cry at some point…
  • When the wobble comes on at your reception, I can’t not dance.
  • I view myself as more than just another vender. I’ll help you carry your dress and get to know your mom.
  • I’m a story teller, I’m there to capture your love story.  Generations of family will see the story that I photograph and I take that seriously.
  • I’m a hopeless romantic. I love love. I love weddings. My ‘job’ is the best.